Frankfut on Foot

Walking Tours

* David Jones is an English photographer and tutor who was been producing commercial images for over twenty years, including commissioned photographic work for various guidebook publishers in the UK and many Architectural and Design journals. Most of his work is commercial and commission only but he produces images with a creative eye and appreciates architecture with some academic experience. David has recently moved to Frankfurt and is looking to share his photographic know-how using a city he is coming to love as a beautifully inspiring backdrop.

In his own words: “If you own a wonderful digital camera yet never take off the A´ setting, or you see great images through the viewfinder which auto focus cannot match, perhaps I can help. How do you speed up shutter release to freeze action or blur the background to make it disappear? Your portraits look flat and the sun flares on your lens and you have no idea what an f/stop is? This walking tour is for you. Come and join me for a three-hour photographic tour of Frankfurt. You may simply enjoy walking around and have me point out the more ‘left field’ and colorful comers of the city - but you would be advised to bring a digital camera, ideally a DSLR with manual settings.”