The original walking tour in Frankfurt since 2008. 

* What are the Covid regulations right now that affect the tours?
 Medical masks must be worn inside of all buildings. Our guides are fully vaccinated with boosters. If you are joining the tour, you must also be fully vaccinated and either have had a booster or a daily test. This is required for us to enter certain buildings.

* Are you offering Private Tours?

Yes, we are offering Private Tours. Check the private tour page to see conditions and requirements.

* Are you offering Layover Tours now?

Yes, we are once again offering layover tours, if your layover is 7 hours or longer and you have a visa to enter Germany. See our layover tour page to check conditions and requirements.

* What happens if it rains or snows?

Weather in Germany can be very unpredictable, but the tours take place no matter the weather unless there is lightning or dangerous weather happening. Wear appropriate clothing, shoes, coats, etc. If you have booked a layover tour, we will bring an umbrella for you if rain is expected. Our guides try their best to keep you dry when it rains, warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot, whenever possible

* Will I need a visa?

Many countries do not need a visa, (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, for example) but check the German Embassy website to find out if you need one.

* Should I buy my 10:00 Daily tour ticket from Viator/Trip Advisor?

Our 10:00 daily tour does not need to be booked ahead of time. Viator charges a higher price than what we charge. Why pay more?

If you have booked with Viator/Trip Advisor and for some reason you can't make the tour, Viator is responsible for refunds and they do not offer them for cancellations under 24 hours. Frankly, we do not see a reason to book this tour ahead of time. (Viator also charges tour companies 20% commission for each ticket sold)

* Why can't I pay with a Credit Card? 

We prefer to keep our tour prices affordable rather than pass on the higher costs that the credit card companies in Germany would charge us. We hope you will agree.

* Are the tours wheelchair accessible or stroller friendly?

Frankfurt is very flat, and is very accessible on our Daily Tour and on our Private Tours except for the Paulskirche and sometimes the Eiserner Steg bridge if the elevator is broken. For a layover tour though, the trains and platforms at the airport do not match up well, making it difficult for wheelchairs.

* Will there be a break on the Original Daily Tour? Should I bring snacks or drinks?

We usually have 2 "comfort breaks" as well as a lunch break about half way through the tour. In the summer, we recommend bringing water to drink. In the winter, we may stop for hot beverages once or twice depending on how cold it is.

* Can I bring my dog? 

We recommend that you don't bring your dog on our Daily tour simply because some people may have allergies or may be fearful. You cannot bring a dog into the churches, the Karmeliter Cloister, the City Planning Office or the Klein Markt Halle. For a private tour or layover tour, you are welcome to bring your dog, but please let us know ahead of time so that we can plan your tour to include other sites than churches, etc.

* Are the tours ok for children? 

Our Original Daily tours are historically based and involve about 7km walking. Unless a child is in a stroller or over 12, we don't recommend bringing them on our Daily Tour as some of the subject matter is not appropriate for young children (the Holocaust and some of the paintings in the Karmelite Cloister). On a private tour or layover tour, this is different, but please let us know the ages so that we can plan an appropriate tour that your children will enjoy.

* Will you wait for me if I am running late for the Daily Tour?

Our 10:00 tour begins punctually. We don't feel it is fair to the rest of the group to wait when they have all arrived on time. We suggest arriving 5-10 min. earlier. Please let us know if you need directions to get to the Meeting Point as shown on our map.

* My flight is landing in the evening. Will you do tours at night? 

Normally we don't offer evening tours from the airport as it is too difficult for the guides to get back to the city from the airport after a certain time. This would be something we would consider though, case by case, depending on the time.

* What about tipping? We often don't know what is ok.

Tipping is not ever expected, but our guides are happy to accept them.

* Do you do travel consultations for Frankfurt and the surrounding region? 

Yes, we offer personal consultations by Zoom, at a price of 10€ for 30 minutes. Send us an email to set up a time and we will send you a Zoom link. When you book a tour, we will subtract the consultation fee from your tour price.

* I called your business phone and no one answered?

We were probably touring and answering a phone would be rude to our guests. Please try again in the evening, German time.

* I didn't see my question.

Please send us an email. We love questions.